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Sano: The competition numbers of complete multipartite graphs with many partite sets, Discrete Applied Mathematics 160 (2012) 1176-1182.
He could have been part of the multipartite monitoring team to ensure the growth and survival of these tree saplings," Llamedo said.
On 16 March, the Council will give the political impulse necessary to approve the signing and provisional application of a multipartite FTA with Columbia and Peru.
Multipartite P-partitions and inner products of skew Schur functions.
Dans un an, la deuxieme presidentielle multipartite et integre de l'Egypte se tiendra.
Note that Sitton [21] proved a more general result about the size of the largest matching in an arbitrary complete multipartite graph.
Not only are many pieces part of larger suites that are not shown in their entirety, but several are multipartite in and of themselves.
InocuLAN's state of the art detection protects the network from virtually all known (and many unknown) virus types, including boot sector, master boot sector, memory resident, file multipartite, macro, stealth and polymorphic.
Le 28 septembre 2015, le Comite des affaires de la Chambre a etabli un groupe de travail multipartite forme de trois membres ayant pour mandat de rediger un projet de politique sur le harcelement en milieu de travail en vue de le soumettre a l'examen du Comite.
La commission permanente de la cooperation economique et commerciale de l'OCI, creee en 1981, est la principale organisation de la cooperation economique et commerciale multipartite dans le monde islamique.
He said the operations and environmental impact were regularly being evaluated by the Multipartite Monitoring Team (MMT).
Il est bien vrai que le conseil regional s'est lance dans une operation d'envergure inherente a la station de dessalement des eaux de mer, dans la province de Chtouka Ait Baha, mise en oeuvre dans le cadre de l'ebauche partenariale multipartite.