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While some people consider two-phase flow, such as oil and water, a form of multiphase measurement, the term is generally reserved for three or more phases: most typically gas, oil and water.
The MPFL is capable of validating and calibrating multiphase flow meters to ensure the quality of the measurements.
Based on individual client requirements, the MB Flow Master is the first ever fully functional commercial multiphase flow meter to be developed in the Gulf Cooperation Council and possibly in the Middle East and North African (Mena) region.
Scientists at North Carolina State University constructed and tested a system for inserting, monitoring and recovering such simulated particles that would be used as carriers of residence time and thermo-sensitive tags during the validation of low-acid aseptic multiphase foods.
Forty-three papers describe examples of numerical modeling approaches to and experimental observations of multiphase flows.
Such multiphase models have been proposed by Takayanagi (5), Van der Poel (6), Hashin and Shtrikman (7), Christensen (8), Kerner (9), and many others.
The tutorials cover flow and reactions inside a porous catalyst, combustion in turbulent non-premixed flow, and multiphase simulation of evaporation spray respectively.
Together, the products provide a complete multiphase Vcore system solution with superior transient performance, industry-benchmark telemetry accuracy and outstanding system reliability.
Nanocomposites are defined by editors Davim and Charitidis (Mechanical Engineering, University of Aveiro, Portugal, and Materials Science and Engineering, University of Athens, Greece, respectively) as a multiphase solid material where one of the phases has one, two or three dimensions of the phases or repeat distances smaller than 100nm.
International energy consulting and testing & certification company DNV KEMA earlier this year officially opened a new Multiphase Flow Laboratory (MPFL) in Groningen, the Netherlands.
ROXAR, a technology solutions provider to the upstream oil and gas industry announced the launch of its third generation multiphase meter -- the Roxar Multiphase meter 2600 based on its new Zector Technology.
Int'l conference of Computational and Experimental Methods in Multiphase.
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