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Multiphase meters are also useful for allocation metering where the fluids from different wells need to be combined and sent to a processing center.
As an example, the Primarion [R] Digital Multiphase chipset enables precise voltage regulation by using an integrated and very accurate current measurement technique where the output current is sampled and then converted to a representative voltage.
NETL's MFS research program is a strategic combination of computational and physical models of reacting multiphase flows that provide validated science-based modeling tools.
"Combining Aker Solutions' subsea systems expertise and multiphase test facility with FSubsea's Hydromag technology and lean mindset will benefit both companies, said John Macleod, Aker Solutions' Chief Technology Officer.
This special issue discusses some of the latest research outcomes in two parts: (1) theoretical fundamentals of multiphase flow and transport related numerical methods and laboratory experiments and (2) field applications to complex subsurface environments.
"As oil approaches $65 a barrel, the global subsea pumps and multiphase market will grow 11.3% culminating to $1.7 billion in 2020.
The scalability of these results to field conditions is hampered by the multi-dimensional parameter space of a multiphase flow.
In this study, we explore an improved sparse codebook-based feature representation for multiphase CT volume images and apply the extracted middle-level features for retrieving FLLs to assist diagnosis decision-making of different types of FLLs.
In this section we present main results for estimation in multiphase sampling.
The Modeling Period, 1980-1994 : physics involved in multiphase flow was better understood and some mechanistic models were developed.
A new Large Scale Interface multiphase model combining the benefits of VOF and Eulerian Multiphase modeling is added, capturing many different co-existing flow regimes.
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