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Influenza A viruses dual and multiple infections with other respiratory viruses and risk of hospitalisation and mortality.
We found that these two pathogens co-occur in ticks more frequently than expected, resulting in enhanced human exposure to multiple infections," says Wasser, associate professor in the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology.
Leishman feared he was going to lose his wife last month - she fell seriously ill with pneumonia and multiple infections, was induced into a coma, and Marc was told she had a five percent chance of survival.
Multiple infections in a single patient would drastically change the spectrum of clinical manifestations and thus complicate the diagnosis process.
His family is concerned about his health, saying he has high blood pressure, multiple infections and back issues on top of the stress of imprisonment.
Good hygiene care can help prevent multiple infections and early initiation of breast feeding within the first hour can particularly help prevent deaths.
The RSCPA inspector took the dog to a vet, but due to its low heart rate, lack of mental response and multiple infections, the vet put the dog to sleep immediately.
He also suffers from bronchiectasis and has battled multiple infections.
The number of adults with one or more infections, however, is less than the sum of the four infections as some individuals will have had multiple infections.
Common cold infections are so widespread that there can be very few humans who escape infection each year and most will suffer multiple infections.

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