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Meddings, "Increased intestinal permeability is associated with the development of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome in critically ill ICU patients," American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, vol.
Therapeutic effects of hypertonic saline on peritonitis-induced septic shock with multiple organ dysfunction syndrome in rats.
Variable Categories OR P value 95% CI for OR PIM2 Continuous 1.017 0.0001 1.007, 1.026 Age (completed years) Continuous 0.955 0.028 0.917, 0.995 MODS Yes (ref) No 0.161 0.001 0.062, 0.417 Meningitis Yes (ref) No 0.239 0.001 0.145, 0.395 CHD Yes (ref) No 0.396 0.035 0.167, 0.936 PALS/GEM guidelines Yes (ref) No 6.351 0.0001 3.008, 13.412 followed Shock Yes (ref) No 0.325 0.001 0.205, 0.513 PIM2: pediatric index of mortality 2, OR: odds ratio, CI: confidence interval, MODS: multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, and CHD: congenital heart disease.
In a multivariate analysis, obesity was revealed as the highest risk factor for development of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (OR 4.209, 95%-CI 1.515-11.692; P = 0.006) beside injury severity (OR 1.054, 95%-CI 1.020-1.089; P = 0.001) and the prognostic APACHE II score (OR 1.059, 95%-CI 1.001-1.121; P = 0.047)(Table 5).
Immunologic dissonance: A continuing evolution in our understanding of the systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) and the multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS).
Thyroid storm presenting as multiple organ dysfunction syndrome. Chest 2000; 118:877-879.
This crisis results in a series of possible negative consequences, such as consecutive hypotension, multiple organ dysfunction syndrome and death.

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