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When space is limited, an image pre-processor can be used in place of multiple vision engines.
There are multiple visions. As Guzman and Silver (2018) note, sociological canons are spaces of contention and sites where social inequalities are reproduced, as is evident in their summary of most frequently listed authors in Canadian sociological theory syllabi.
Prime Minister Imran Khan has come to power on a wave of promises and multiple visions of what Pakistan can be, including the exemplary models of 'Riasat-e-Medina' and China.
The Music of Trees elaborates on this concept across three series of tree photographs: Tree Portraits, Memoria, and Multiple Visions. Each series explores a different way of seeing, progressing from representational images to multiple exposures to a final series of great abstraction with graceful perspicacity.
The effect is trippy, wonderful; a conjured scene that holds multiple visions in check without closing any windows.
What might appear first to be a book of parts serves to underline the existence of multiple visions and cultures cohabiting and competing with each other within curial Rome.
Not at all coincidentally, the market is across the Museum Hill plaza from the renowned Museum of International Folk Art--don't miss Multiple Visions, the late designer Alexander Girard's collection of works from around the world, which anchors the museum.

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