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Following the adjudication, a spokeswoman for Cleveland Bridge said: "This award in an adjudication process instigated by Multiplex against CBUK is the final chapter in this saga.
Multiplex, which will develop the scheme in a joint venture with billionaire Iranian-born property-developing brothers Simon and David Reuben, owns most of the block bounded by New Bridge Street and Market Street.
Last month, Multiplex was ordered to pay sums of almost pounds 424,000 and pounds 1.
The overall intent of this guideline is to assist laboratories and manufacturers in developing, verifying, validating, and implementing multiplex nucleic acid tests for diagnostic use.
Multiplex responded that the movement in its share price was not simply linked to Wembley and said the company had always complied with Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) rules on disclosing information to the market.
Multiplex denied rumours the pounds 757m project has been hit by cost and time delays.
However, Multiplex remained defiant and claimed it had the stronger case.
The world famous North-East steel specialist accepts it had numerous problems in its relationship with Multiplex over the course of its Wembley contract, but thought these had been resolved with a new contract extension signed at the beginning of June.
With the development of over 200 new assays scheduled in the next 18 months, Multiplex Bioscience is a strategically important addition to Rules-Based Medicine," said Craig Benson, President and CEO of Rules-Based Medicine.
We will carefully study our options regarding the proposed combination and urge the Board of Directors of Western Multiplex to reconsider its initial reaction," continues Kissner.
As you know, Western Multiplex is a party to a merger-of-equals transaction with Proxim, Inc.
Key enhancement features include: comprehensive multiplex monitoring, SQL execution analysis, table capacity and utilization analysis, and much more.

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