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The planes they have already found in the three-dimensional graphs of their data result from breaking the multiplexed signals down to their simplest possible components, not the actual components used by the brain.
Multiplexed Diagnostics Market, by Technology Very high density multiplexed assays Oligonucleotide Arrays Phage Display High Density Multiplexed Assays Bacterial Artificial Chromosome Arrays Protein Arrays Medium Density Multiplexed Assays Bead-based Arrays Antibody Arrays Reverse Arrays Mass Spectroscopy Low Density Multiplexed Arrays Quantitative PCR Bead-based Assays Microplate Assays Next-Generation Sequencing
Currently, medium density multiplexed assay market leads the overall multiplexed diagnostics market and is followed by low density multiplexed diagnostics assays.
Factors such as increasing demand for rapid diagnostic tools that can simultaneously screen multiple analytes in a single cycle of the assay, high prevalence of infectious diseases and cardiac diseasesworldwide and inability of conventional diagnostic tools to give accurate and reliable results in lesser turnaround timewill have a tremendous impact on the growth of the multiplexed diagnostics industry.
These new SNP panels use the latest generation of highly multiplexed Molecular Inversion Probe (MIP) assay technology, giving scientists more SNP data per experiment.
The Redhawk is the first 10GE MAC to aggregate up to two-ports in line rate and statistically multiplexed network applications, saving customers vital board space.
I-TDM support for transporting multiplexed voice over Internet Protocol (IP)
Using Ample IQ technology in statistically multiplexed Gigabit Ethernet networks, the Harrier prioritizes voice traffic and sends it to the forwarding plane in a non-blocking fashion.
This live webcast--the latest in GEN's ongoing series of educational virtual seminars for biotechnology/biopharmaceutical researchers--will address multiplexed whole-genome assays for the study of genetic variation as relevant to pharmacogenomic and disease-association research, with reference to the International HapMap Project.
Metro Ethernet Services: This technical focus area will demonstrate capabilities defined in the MEF 1 technical specification via multiplexed and non-multiplexed E-line services enabling flexible on-demand bandwidth over a network of Foundry Networks, Metrobility Optical and TPack equipment.
SmartBead Technologies Ltd, the leading developer of bar-coded multiplexed assay solutions for the diagnostics and drug development industries, today announced it had signed a commercial licensing agreement with the Generics Group spin-out company, 3D Molecular Sciences Ltd (3DMS), for their patents in the area of microparticle technology.
Multiplexed Platform to Be Used in Developing New Applications for

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