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Multiplexers are key components of NVDIMM architecture, isolating the host controller from the DRAM memory during save and restore operations between DRAM and non-volatile memory.
A statistical multiplexer is far more efficient than a TDM, but comparing the efficiency of statistical multiplexers is difficult.
The Mini-Mux 840 Remote Terminal is the first commercially available offering in Charles' new line of environmentally protected multiplexer cabinets.
The Mini-Mux 2000 augments Charles Industries' currently available Broadband Multiplexer product line, which includes the EXchange Mux I, EXchange Mux II, Mini-Mux 280, Mini-Mux 210, Mini-Mux 155, and Mini-Mux 840 multiplexers currently.
The encoder to multiplexer transport stream data connection has a dedicated high speed IP output and provides full redundancy protection of the transport stream data.
The 2080MX is a 4:1 multiplexer (mux) operating at rates up to 20 Gbps for use in SONET OC-192 applications, broadband test and measurement equipment, and telecom transmission systems.
Nasdaq:PMCS) today announced the PM7305 FREEDM 336LE, PM7306 FREEDM 84LE,PM7307 FREEDM 32LE and PM8312 TEMUX 32 devices, the newest members of its market-leading FREEDM(TM) family of HDLC packet processors and TEMUX(R) family of high-density T1/E1 framers, mappers and multiplexers for multi-service architectures.
The PM8305 SPS 3G and the PM8307 SPS 3GT SATA multiplexers provide enterprise-class SATA HDD connectivity, including dual porting and an embedded microcontroller for advanced diagnostics and monitoring.
The VISTA SONET Multiplexer Product utilizes digital technology for flexibility and comprehensive command and control features.
The VBR output optimizes the quality of the encoder and the rate shaping algorithms of a multiplexer, improving the overall performance of an open loop encoding architecture.

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