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No need of the multiplication table for good, steady, sensible Jane
If I thought the multiplication table would help me any I would recite it from now till tomorrow morning.
Not in navigation, of course, nor in affairs such as the multiplication table, where the brass tacks of reality stud the way of one's ship among the rocks and shoals of the sea; but right, truth beyond truth to truth higher than truth, namely, intuitional truth.
If the difficulties be not insuperable in admitting that in the long course of time the individuals of the same species, and likewise of allied species, have proceeded from some one source; then I think all the grand leading facts of geographical distribution are explicable on the theory of migration (generally of the more dominant forms of life), together with subsequent modification and the multiplication of new forms.
He was quite frightened, and he tried to repeat the Lord's Prayer; but all he could do, he was only able to remember the multiplication table.
With a rule and a pair of scales, and the multiplication table always in his pocket, sir, ready to weigh and measure any parcel of human nature, and tell you exactly what it comes to.
Divisions and multiplications grew under his fingers; the figures were like hail on the white page.
The Government confirmed plans to bring in the multiplication check - which will be taken by eight and nine-year-olds in England - last autumn, following a review of primary school assessment.
Coco's friends adore playing multiplication games, which only makes her feel worse about math.
The lab is the multiplication of Disease Free Banana Plants developed through Tissue Culture Technology'.
s) - in order to organize the 63rd annual session of the nato parliamentary assembly in bucharest, As well as to carry out the activity of the forefather, The chamber of deputies intends to acquire: The multiplication equipment - 12 pcs.
The 11 papers that emerged from the conference consider such topics as the exact limit of some cubic towers, optimal and maximal singular curves, on some bounds for symmetric tensor rank of multiplication in finite fields, a new proof of a Thomae-like formula for non-hyper-elliptic genus three curves, secret sharing schemes with strong multiplication and a large number of players from toric varieties, and field extensions and index calculations on algebraic curves.