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The Full Multiplicative Form of Multiple Objectives of MULTIMOORA remains to be explained.
In the Full Multiplicative Form a problem may arise for zero and negative values making the results senseless.
This understanding forms the foundation for students to be able to apply simple multiplicative part-whole strategies to combine (multiplication) or partition (division) whole numbers.
Beineke and Hegde [4] obtain an upper bound for the maximum number of edges [lambda](n) for a given strongly multiplicative graph of order n.
The influence of the fluctuating environment was modelled by a multiplicative trichotomous noise and an additive Mittag-Leffler noise.
This method was enhanced (Brauers, Zavadskas 2010a) and became a more robust method, namely MULTIMOORA (MOORA plus the full multiplicative form).
As in the case of FQSym, the fact that the S basis is still multiplicative for the # product implies that the product in the P basis is an interval in the Tamari order.
alpha]](n) is clearly a multiplicative function of n.
There are three forms of noise that speech recognition systems must cope with: convolutive, multiplicative and additive.
387) review the assumptions of one of the proposed dose--response models and provide examples to support their assertion that there is neither biological nor theoretical support for the use of log-normal distributions to represent interindividual variation in the impact of individual pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic variables on risk, or the assumption that threshold doses can be reliably predicted assuming independent and multiplicative effects of individual physiologic variables on risk.
The main problem solved here is defining of attributes and their importance for the assessment of dwelling houses, adopting a multiplicative utility function method for the assessment of dwelling houses according to defined attributes and evaluating the efficiency of refurbishment and/or renovation of the building.

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