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Cross multiplying both top and bottom fractions and we end up with:
The lists generated by each observer were then scored for IOA by dividing agreements by agreements plus disagreements and multiplying by 100%.
Average weight between one and six years is calculated by taking the age in years, multiplying by two and adding eight.
Although I was never able to convince the academicians of the error of their ways, they did grudgingly allow multiplying factors as an acceptable alternate method.
Yet if the artist's continuing project is to encourage the spectator to heighten his or her "attention to life"--to borrow a phrase from Henri Bergson, Eliasson's muse--here he nimbly kept to his task by counterintuitively multiplying and magnifying the pragmatic material conditions that make those transcendental experiences possible.
Under this method, a taxpayer computes its uncollectible amount by multiplying its yearend accounts receivable balance by the ratio of the total bad debts of accounts receivable sustained during the current year and five preceding tax years (adjusted for recoveries of bad debts during the same period) to the sum of the accounts receivable earned (i.e., the total sales resulting in accounts receivable) during the same six-year period.
Conversely, he says, conventional malaria drugs attack billions to trillions of parasites that are multiplying in the human bloodstream, which he calls a "classic situation for selecting for resistant microorganisms." Because a much smaller number of nonmultiplying parasites exists in the mosquito's gut, he says, "the selection pressure is orders of magnitude smaller."
If your room has a ceiling higher than 8 feet, you can translate AHAM's square footages into cubic feet by multiplying by 8 (the ceiling height AHAM assumes).
Return on investment is calculated by multiplying margin and turnover.
The method ensured that students with learning disabilities avoided misplacing place value and other errors in multiplying algorithms.
But while many of the other camps are multiplying business through the Internet, the Polar Star still draws in a full house, largely through word of mouth and repeat business.
If 2.5 is to be used, the same result can be obtained by multiplying by 4 and leaving off the last figure to the right.

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