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Under the second method, which is a variation of the Black Motor formula, a taxpayer can determine uncollectible NAE amounts by multiplying its year-end accounts receivable balance by a three-year moving-average percentage, reflecting its actual NAE as to its accounts receivable balance at the beginning of the current tax year and the two immediately preceding tax years.
The other was multiplying the water use at Elsinore Elementary School until the meter hunters tracked it down last month.
Inlier predicted cost/case is calculated for each hospital by multiplying the number of cases in each RGN for the year by the RGN weight (derived above) and dividing the sum by the total number of cases.
6874, is found by multiplying the difference between factors for age 48 and 49 by the decimal representing the fraction of the year over 48 years.
By removing and multiplying the cancer-fighting lymphocytes in the experiment's second step, he says he expects to increase each patient's anti-cancer arsenal.
The "but for" revenues were calculated by multiplying the "but for" tonnage each year by the "but for" average price.
The effective exchange ratio was determined by multiplying the
A) NAV yield is calculated by multiplying the current month's net investment income dividend by 12 and dividing by the month-end net asset value.
CWDM is an emerging standard for multiplying the bandwidth that can be transmitted on an optical fiber.
Solid Data File-Cache Lowers Costs by Multiplying Performance and Scalability
Market yield is calculated by multiplying the current month's net investment income distribution by 12 and dividing by the month-end market price.
C), of which there are currently 165,243 outstanding, are entitled to receive quarterly cumulative preferential cash dividends in an amount determined by multiplying $25.