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We will continue to work with leading software vendors in their efforts to certify applications such as Web server software for AMD's multiprocessing platform.
0 include enhancements for automotive, resource-constrained and multiprocessing applications and support for easier porting from legacy kernels.
Eight-processor PowerMAXION symmetric multiprocessing systems power the SPY-1D(V) radar system to detect low-altitude, reduced cross section targets in heavy clutter environments in the presence of intense electronic countermeasures.
AMD (NYSE:AMD) has introduced its newest processors for multiprocessing servers and workstations, the high-performance AMD Athlon MP processors 1800+, 1600+ and 1500+.
The cluster bus allows up to 8 TigerSHARC Processors, a host and external memory to share a common bus and a global memory map, allowing for a very simple multiprocessing programming model.
Based on the state-of-the-art AMD Athlon MP processor and the AMD-760 MP chipset, AMD's multiprocessing platform supports Double Data Rate (DDR) memory technology and incorporates AMD's latest innovation, Smart MP technology.
The INTEGRITY RTOS now provides over 1,000 functions that comprise the standard system interfaces, including multiprocessing, threads, signals, file system interfaces, access control, pipes, queues, asynchronous I/O and timers.

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