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He gave students the diagnostic assessments, and in response to the data, focused on multisyllabic words for the majority of lessons we observed.
Research Question 2: Do phonomotor treatment effects generalize to repetition of multisyllabic real words and words of increasing length?
Rather than practicing reading CVC or CV syllables that perpetuate students' feelings of incompetence, older children can tackle multisyllabic words using decodable, multiletter chunks.
Researchers selected 15 to 20 multisyllabic key words that students would most likely miss from each passage.
Therefore, our decoding strategy taught students to identify word patterns and morphemes across multisyllabic words.
There, each multisyllabic word that falls to the wayside of everyday speech further personalizes the voice of the poem.
The words were nouns, adjectives, or verbs that (a) we anticipated to be difficult for the participants to decode, including multisyllabic or irregular words and/or (b) were unusual (e.
spelling multisyllabic words is important at the middle-elementary level; spelling multimorphemic words is important in late-elementary and beyond).
blanket (blan-ket) note (note) electric (e-lec-tric) Once children can successfully identify words that rhyme and that begin and end with the same sounds, and can break multisyllabic words heard orally into syllables, teachers can direct their attention to individual phonemes in words.
The nonce words ending in [an] in the present study were contextualized as third person present tense verb forms, which always have penultimate stress when multisyllabic, and as nouns, where final stress is the overwhelming pattern in the Spanish lexicon.
A control daily probe task involved reading 20 multisyllabic adjectives.
Third, a close examination of his reading behaviours while reading words from the Woodcock-Johnson tests, QRI-II and state reading selections revealed that he had some difficulty reading multisyllabic words, although, with time, he was able to read enough words to score at grade level or above.