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The combination of Multiple Team Membership (MTM) and Multitasking opens up a relatively unexplored research field.
The earlier studies indicated that polychronicity and multitasking performance were related.
9to5Mac reporter Benjamin Mayo said: "Quitting all your apps is clearly not supposed to be a thing, as it involves laboriously swiping up on tens to hundreds of individual app windows in the multitasking view.
The review next explores research on cognitive schema and information processing to suggest that cultural appeals are a form of schema-consistent cues and, as such, might facilitate multitasking through requiring relatively less cognitive effort.
They found that heavy multitaskers - those who multitask a lot and feel that it boosts their performance - were actually worse at multitasking than those who like to do a single thing at a time.
Polychronicity could explain differences in media multitasking among countries.
And it's not just young adults who are multitasking.
Here is a video comparing Microsoft Surface and iPad's multitasking features:
Auxo 2 is a new iOS 7 jailbreak tweak which features powerful app with multitasking and switching capabilities that are not typically seen in other apps.
The Y-Axis enables turning, drilling and milling off center on the new Nakamura AS-200 multitasking center.
2-inch sized TabPro and NotePro models feature new four-pane multiwindow multitasking, while all of smaller sized tablets offer multiple layered pop-up windows for multitasking.
And, in the case of multitasking, practice doesn't make perfect.