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71), it shows the rural-urban divide and is an important variable, thus it was explored more in multivariate analysis (Table-3).
Multivariate analysis of variance showed a significant difference for all factors evaluated, showing that populations present genetic variability for the set of characters that were simultaneously evaluated (Table 2).
In the multivariate analysis, psoriatic arthritis was independently associated with a 58% increased risk for MI compared with that of psoriasis patients without joint symptoms.
Univariate linear regression analysis associated smoking with a significant decrease in birth weight; however, multivariate analysis showed a dramatically reduced, nonsignificant influence, suggesting that smoking and maternal folate status are not independent of each other.
In addition, we explored another possible oversight technique--a quantitative multivariate analysis to better understand factors that influence variation in penalty amounts.
Kendall's monograph, A Course in Multivariate Analysis, published in 1957, and S.
The Treatment of Missing Data in Multivariate Analysis.
The distribution of the non-null characteristic roots of a matrix derived from sample observations taken from multivariate normal populations is of fundamental importance in multivariate analysis.
His firm uses a multivariate analysis or generalized linear model to identify differences in either renewal, retention or conversion (sales as a percentage of quotes) within the risk class.
SmartForecasts gives planners the tools to handle seasonality, promotions, new and aging products, multivariate analysis, and intermittent product demand.
Multivariate analysis revealed that the best predictors of recurrence were the presence of preoperative risk factors and the presence of multiple lesions (p[less than]0.
The relative height for each peak on the tracing has a numerical value that is recorded, entered as data in a spreadsheet, and processed by a multivariate analysis program using a micro-computer.

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