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Eh mum, I'm loth, that I am," said Bob, slowly depositing his pack on the step, and beginning to untie it with unwilling fingers.
Eh, mum, I told you how it 'ud be," said Bob, flinging aside the colored things with an air of desperation.
You'd do nothing with it, mum, you'd give it to the cook, I know you would, an' it 'ud be a pity,--she'd look too much like a lady in it; it's unbecoming for servants.
Didn't I tell you now, mum, as it 'ud hurt your feelings to look at my pack?
I was took in dreadful, for I'm a straightforrard chap,--up to no tricks, mum.
No, mum, it isn't worth your while; you can go to the shop to-morrow an' get the same pattern ready whitened.
But if I let you have it for ten shillin', mum, you'll be so good as not tell nobody.
Now then, mum, if you'll please to give me the net "
Nay, mum, you'll niver say that when you're upo' your knees i' church i' five years' time.
Your daughter - Nic XXX LOWERY Kelsey Mummy Happy Mother's Day Lots of love Hope & Kayden xxx LOXTON Louise Only been my mum for four months but love you to the moon and back you are doing a wonderful job being my mum happy mother's days love Veronica rose xxxx McQUADE Allyson To mum happy mother's day, Have a great day
BE PROUD OF STRETCHMARKS "HAVING a bit of a mum tum or some stretchmarks isn't shameful, it's a badge of honour for what your body has gone through," stresses Siobhan Freegard, founder of ChannelMum.