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M. When persons were convicted of manslaughter in England, they were formerly marked with this letter on the brawn of the thumb.
     2. This letter is sometimes put on the face of treasury notes of the United States, and signifies that the treasury note bears interest at the rate of one mill per centum, and not one per centum interest. 13 Peters, 176.

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The clinical director of Health Protection Scotland, Dr Syed Ahmed, said the largest current mumps outbreaks were in Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh - cities with large numbers of students - as well as Lanarkshire.
Schools in Uzbekistan have received a similar official recommendation, obliging teachers to convince parents to tell other people that their children are sick from the flu or ARVI rather than from mumps.
During September 1, 2009-August 31, 2012, a total of 1,557 cases of mumps were reported in the Netherlands (Figure); 1,254 (80.
In terms of mumps cases there has been seven confirmed diagnoses - three in Denbighshire, two in Wrexham and one each in Conwy and Gwynedd.
He suggests that modern scientific techniques have made the creation of some vaccines much easier, so producing a new mumps vaccine may be the most effective method of controlling the emerging threat.
While most people recover from mumps within a week, it can still be a very unpleasant disease.
The study involved testing sera from children 6 weeks after they were given the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine and found that antibodies triggered by the vaccine neutralized a variety of strains of the virus, providing "strong evidence [that] mumps viruses were not changing so much that anti bodies triggered by the vaccine could no longer recognize them," according to the FDA statement.
Diagnosis of mumps was verified with appropriate laboratory testing, including cell culture, molecular detection of mumps virus using RT-PCR, and serology.
Last year 1,276 cases of mumps were reported in the North East, the majority among people aged 14-24.
DAY NUT However, there is overwhelming consensus that the MMR has an exemplary safety record and that it is the only way to protect children from measles (and mumps and rubella).
The increasing incidence of mumps orchitis: a comprehensive review.