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Mumps virus detection or isolation from an appropriate specimen (includes molecular detection)
Further analysis revealed that childhood infection with mumps virus roughly doubled the risk for later hospitalization for psychosis.
Measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella are 4 common childhood diseases caused by measles virus, mumps virus, rubella virus, and varicella virus, respectively.
The vaccine, containing the Jeryl-Lynn mumps virus strain, is administered in a 2-dose schedule at 14 months and 9 years of age.
After the outbreak resolved, we retrospectively utilized clinical and laboratory data to investigate the period of mumps virus detection following the onset of parotitis and to compare laboratory findings with mumps vaccination status.
In addition to waning vaccine effectiveness, possible factors associated with the 2006 outbreak also include a lack of exposure to the wild mumps virus, the high-transmission environment of university settings, and transmission of the mumps virus from subclinical infections, Dr.
IT'S life, Jim, but not as we've ever seen it before - the mumps virus attacking a human cell.
We fully support the Department of Health's initiative to offer the MMR vaccination to teenagers and young adults, as this will hopefully keep the incidences of this type of meningitis caused by the mumps virus to a minimum.
Bacteria from the urinary system can also infect the testicles and epididymis, while the mumps virus can cause infections.
When the mumps virus affects older males who have been through puberty, around one in three develops inflammation of a testicle known as mumps orchitis.
Doctors are probing the theory that the combination of the measles and mumps virus in the same vaccine is to blame.