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Antibody induced by immunization with the Jeryl Lynn mumps vaccine strain effectively neutralizes a heterologous wild-type mumps virus associated with a large outbreak.
Mumps virus detection or isolation from an appropriate specimen (includes molecular detection)
Reyes-Leyva J, Banos R, Borraz-Arguello M, Santos-Lopez G, Rosas N, Alvarado G, Herrera I, Vallejo V, Tapia-Ramirez J (2007) Amino acid change 335 E to K affects the sialic-acid-binding and neuraminidase activities of Urabe AM9 mumps virus hemagglutinin-neuraminidase glycoprotein.
However, the role played by this mutation in mumps virus virulence is not well understood.
Further analysis revealed that childhood infection with mumps virus roughly doubled the risk for later hospitalization for psychosis.
Transmission of the mumps virus occurs through the saliva or respiratory droplets of an infected person.
SHOCKING: the mumps virus could hit more than 10,000 Midlanders this year VULNERABLE: students are among those most at risk PAINFUL: mumps causes the parotid glands to swell
A NUNEATON headmaster has warned of the potential dangers of the mumps virus as it continues to sweep across the county.
Information is being posted around the university campus in Middlesbrough warning of the signs of the mumps virus and advising students to go to their GP for the vaccination.
This is when the mumps virus travels through the blood stream and causes swelling and inflammation of the testicles.
Herpesviruses and the mumps virus can also cause viral meningitis.