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More mundanely, my printer cartridges have run dry.
Frank O'Hara's poem "The Day Lady Died" (1964) displays a remarkable sophistication and catholicity of taste, embracing the most selectively elite (Hesiod and Verlaine, Strega and Gauloises) as well as the most mundanely popular (the New York Post and jazz, hamburgers and malteds).
Most of Shambroom's images do--perhaps because they insistently present themselves not as information but as rigorous pictures, depictions of specific things at specific moments, all the more resistant to abstraction because of their mundanely convincing particularity.
Egeria, wife of Numa Pompilius, second King of Rome, was a water nymph whom Caro presents mundanely trotting off to the public fountain rather than residing in her spring.
THE DJ Mag Top 100 poll always manages to throw up controversy while at the same time being mundanely predictable.
Many of the volume's letters are mundanely commercial, and others made unsolicited demands and reproaches which strained the resources of his family and friends.
and man or mundanely as between society and man) that so inheres in the
By Ghaith Madadha When speaking in public, the most clichE[umlaut]d things one could do to steady their nerves is to mentally blank out the audience or more mundanely twiddle a pen or similar object in one's hand.
worthies all, and full of good sense about matters moral; more mundanely, as Benjamin Lovett comments in his contribution to this volume, 'castigating the dinner guest for not washing her hands may be perceived as excessive, but similar treatment of the surgeon who does not wash his [sic] hands before performing an operation would probably be perceived as more than justified' (64).
Characteristic of Ariosto is the fusion of the fantastic with the mundanely realistic: we enjoy the easy pleasures of sixteenth-century air travel--our vehicle is a winged horse--but our route is strictly constrained by the facts of geography.
The human need for gifts instilled in us from childhood outweighs the need to protect the environment You see, every time you unwrap that washing tablet, you're opening a little present to yourself and it somehow makes a mundanely domestic life a little more bearable.
Lovecraft warns us that the weird tale (his chosen form) "must not be confounded with a type externally similar but psychologically widely different; the literature of mere physical horror and the mundanely gruesome" (Supernatural Horror 15).