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It points the actor away from the mundaneness of his own personal makeup toward a more elevated plateau where unexpected characteristics can be explored and appropriated.
The set and music seem intended to evoke the ambiguity in human relationships, the way in which their mundaneness coexists with their mystery.
The presence of this lady"--my father bows to Madame Clara, who occupied the command post in the cafe, holding on to the handle of the beer pump as if it were the helm of a ship that lifts the foam of the waves--the presence of this lady, as I said, forces me to refrain from spitting this wine into the face of your suspicions, from disrupting this marketplace atmosphere and the distrustful mundaneness by which you debase everything that is sublime.
The example of the scene shift was chosen for its very mundaneness.
From how much they weigh to where they have their legs waxed, we are obsessed with emulating the day-to-day mundaneness of the latest stars in the ever changing firmament.
After I interviewed that woman, it haunted me: her way of telling it, the mundaneness of the fact, the ordinariness of the woman who had one bad experience and then never had sex for the rest of her life.
Moreover, this political stability was sustained through the five years of Mandela's presidency, reconfirmed by the very mundaneness of the 1999 election, and has been carried unscathed into the Thabo Mbeki presidency.
It's pitched at a young audience but the mundaneness might turn other people off.
What she reveals are the private moments particular to these women's lives and the endearing mundaneness against which we all live our lives: a neatly made bed, windows darkening against the evening, a playful handwritten note, a quiet moment of togetherness.
He has been criticised for not being thorough or academic enough in support of his assertions; for relying too much on his charisma as a performer and on his power of presentation and for `dumbing' management down to a level of mundaneness and banality.
The show succeeds because it captures the mundaneness of everyday gangstering while playing on our expectations of genre.
The severity and economy of Bresson's style, his Catholicism, his emphasis on predestination and grace, and his subject matter have led most critics and commentators to see Bresson as a religious filmmaker-- not in the sense of adherence to any received dogma or religious institutions but in the sense of being concerned with the spiritual, as investigating themes and concerns that touch on finding transcendence amid the mundaneness of earthly life.