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But for its creators, the mundanities of living on board a vessel like Kursk became just as important to the script.
At times the verse dips away from the mundanities of daily life and into the wonders existing just beyond the senses.
Among the many requirements for a long and happy life, apart from mundanities such as calcium and exercise, is having a big, happy family.
But where the diaries really shine is in the contrast between celebrity and the mundanities of daily life.
I know we can't expect people to demonstrate the Blitz spirit amidst the mundanities of everyday life, but it is fortunate that wars now take place elsewhere.
But the prize for most unkempt couple want to LoR director Peter Jackson and his partner Fran Walsh who were simply too busy scooping Oscars to bother with such mundanities as combing their hair or finding clothes that fitted.
Forget about that weekly moment of mild excitement when one of the housemates has to leave - concentrate on all the mundanities we are served up instead.
With this project, Denton Corker Marshall prove adept at making urban poetry out of the mundanities of civil engineering.