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I think there's something quite profound about the mundanity of it all," Ms Hazon suggested as explanation for the stream's popularity.
While the 'squib' version suggests disappointment after something explosive fails to ignite, the 'squid' version - in that being an aquatic creature being wet is pretty much essential for the squid - the phrase should denote the mundanity of something being mindnumbingly obvious.
Ask any Newcastle supporter if they'd take 14th and a cup win over 10th and mundanity.
It tells the tale of teenager Cosmo who uses music as an inspiration to break free from the mundanity of everyday life when growing up in 80s Dublin.
And new album 90 Bisodol (Crimond) proved yet again that no other songwriter on earth casts such a withering eye over the mundanity of modern life.
Coventry City has become sedate; a club drifting along in a sea of mundanity.
Starved of jokes and slathered in sentiment, Dennis Dugan's film is a soul-destroying exercise in mundanity.
Emma Gillespie won Sky 1's Must Be The Music, seen by many as the antidote to X Factor mundanity.
A WEEKEND piece in a leading broadsheet castigating the mundanity of state broadcaster RTE's coverage of Gaelic games has prompted plenty of comment since.
After the Ball" is a strong choice for any who want to overcome the sour mundanity that occasionally comes with marriage.
WEDNESDAY Daniel Kitson: We Are Gathered Here, Tron Theatre, Glasgow The Perrier winner mines the mundanity of life in search of 'something important in an ocean of twaddle'.
There has been a effort here to live out of the mundanity suffers from and to a it works in the gamer with polished and playable darts game the Wii.