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Police power to bar a homeowner from his property comes from a chapter of Springfield Municipal Code outlining the city's authority to clean up crime-ridden houses.
Standard Language of Protected Populations: Municipalities with Standard Nondiscriminatory Language in Municipal Code and or City Charter
However, he did not have a city business license, nor was he in compliance with Bellingham Municipal Code 6.
On December 1, 2009, the circuit court entered an order finding that the municipal code preempted the village ordinance.
O'Keefe says the decision puts municipal code officials in an untenable situation.
Built before Chicago's 1949 municipal code mandated using noncombuslible materials in the construction of schools, or the presence of sprinkler systems, fire doors, or fully enclosed stairways, the overcrowded wood and brick structure had been exempted from such requirements, and parochial and diocesan officials had seen their installation as cost-prohibitive.
The transition document then describes the municipal code references that established the police department, as well as the powers of the chief and officers serving in the department.
While poring through the municipal code, deregulators have found reams of outdated ordinances.
Tenders are invited for the ongoing updating, maintenance, and publication of the city~s municipal code and ordinances both in print and on the city~s website.
Public hearing on establishing standards for temporary use permits for food carts; ordinance amending municipal code relating to water system regulations and charges.
The court found that the driver did not become an agent--and hence, the company did not become liable--simply based on compliance with municipal code regulations.

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