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MUNICIPALITY. The body of officers, taken collectively, belonging to a city, who are appointed to manage its affairs and defend its interests.

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Municipalities base real estate assessments on the last revaluation performed.
Task I - roads in the municipalities of flamingo, Murowana Goslina, dry forest, Swarzedz
This is what happens when new municipalities are continually being set up.
A year ago, 32 municipalities, or over 12% of all, met three or more of the criteria for their classification as financially unsatisfactory municipalities.
Mayor AjnadA3/4iA said he expected much from the future cooperation of these two municipalities.
Some government officials have welcomed the larger role of municipalities in the crisis, saying that municipalities are now "tools of development.
The municipality said that a 1982 cabinet decision created a central maintenance unit for traffic lights at the Nicosia municipality with nationwide responsibility offering ongoing training and technical support to the municipalities in the other main towns, which do assume primary maintenance but avail of the central unit's services.
Ahead of the presidential elections and the announcements of possible early elections, several municipalities from Skopje, and some other municipalities, have still not paid out the honorariums to the members of the election commissions for the local elections.
Based on cabinet decision, consultative councils had been established under provincial municipalities by IDLG which included municipality district heads, government, NGOs and civil society representatives.
As regards the number of settlements, municipality Krško ranked first with 158 settlements, while municipalities Kobilje, Odranci and Trzin each had only one settlement.

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