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Jan Schori, general manager of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), said flatly that if cities want to municipalize their utilities, they must realize that it's a hard battle, referencing that SMUD was approved by voters in 1922 but was legally challenged by PG&E for 25 years before going into operation.
Representatives from Santa Clara, a charter city, said that in order to municipalize the utilities, cities must first look and understand the current structure, understand how the acquisition fits within the existing market frame, and must be prepared to purchase generators.
The information highway is coming, and some of the first places in the world to have fast and easy access are small towns that have decided to municipalize their communications utilities.
Towns municipalize their communications services as a response to shirking and other opportunistic behavior by private utilities.
They also attempted to secularize and municipalize the peals, to subordinate them to the nation, and to insert them into a framework of citizenship" and, in effect, "to alter the prevailing pattern" of the culture of the senses and the social hierarchies shaping that culture.
EE remains embroiled with the city of Las Cruces concerning the city's desire to municipalize EE's system within the city limits.
It is possible that Las Cruces will not municipalize if the valuation is uneconomical.
CX faces competition for residential and commercial customers from a small municipal utility in Cleveland, and has had to deal with several challenges to municipalize.
Ministries likely to be cancelled and/or changed into "Authorities", including Information, Municipalizes and Health Ministries.