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cc/2ENL- 6BV8] (explaining Hamburg, Germany's motivation for municipalizing in similar terms).
This article will attempt to explain why, in an era of privatization, local governments have begun municipalizing communications services.
Municipalities can improve the quality of their services by municipalizing communications utilities.
The city can now for the first time seriously consider the possibility of municipalizing the electric system in Long Beach.
Forced to take further action by the threat of closure and a petition of 1,500 signatures from workers who relied upon the Societe, the city officially recognized the importance of this virtually bankrupt private charity by municipalizing the service in 1913.
In San Diego County, where residents and small businesses were slapped with electricity bills that doubled and tripled this summer, the county government and several individual municipalities are looking seriously at the possibility of municipalizing all or parts of San Diego Gas and Electric Co.