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Similarly, high environmental munificence will attract firms to local market opportunities, thus reducing their FDI likelihood.
And it invited all these scions, living luxuriously in safe houses abroad on the munificence of their generous hosts.
The biggest challenge facing social security systems all over the world is how to guarantee its sustainability and maintain its munificence, with its effect not only confined to social, economic and human development plans and its targeted improvement of the standard of living, income increase and improvement of community services, but also extending to the individuals' humanitarian and cultural values," he said.
Oman, many have conceded, offers them incredible experience ' a munificence that travellers look forward to feel at home away from home.
He said the birth of Holy Prophet (PBUH) is a great munificence of Allah Almighty for the humanity.
The act of hunting itself puts us back in touch with the primal truths, which are ultimately the only truths that matter, but which we have so effectively managed to forget in the midst of our glistening world of pop culture, modern health care, air conditioning, and ever-multiplying distractions: the fragility of life, the reality of death, our dependence upon divine munificence for our daily survival, the elevated status of man in the order of nature, and our role as humble stewards of creation.
Specifically, munificence was measured by using the standardized regression coefficient (B') of industry sales data over time and dynamism was measured as the standard error of the regression coefficient ([[sigma]].
Manchester City's munificence has been limited to signing Jack Rodwell while Arsenal have lost Robin van Persie and today's opponents Tottenham are braced for the imminent departure of playmaker Luka Modric.
On the idea of forming a revolutionary council without the presence of the former regime's affiliates and establishing a revolutionary court, Mursi said, "Firstly, a revolutionary council is developed within a coalition government which includes all society's streams and we are trying to materialize this goal and the revolution's goals like living with munificence, freedom and social justice.
A closer look at those at the top reveals a disproportionate role for rent-seeking: Some have obtained their wealth by exercising monopoly power; others are CEOs who have taken advantage of deficiencies in corporate governance to extract for themselves an excessive share of corporate earnings; and still others have used political connections to benefit from government munificence -- either excessively high prices for what the government buys (drugs), or excessively low prices for what the government sells (mineral rights).