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Students, parents and all those who munificently fund SUNY should have a right to know how each campus is performing," de Russy said.
Alan Ferg munificently accommodated my request to view the Grenville Goodwin collections at the Arizona State Museum.
It appears by the record of that Examination, that in a College munificently founded by the East India Company, for the cultivation of eastern languages, the most ancient, the most difficult, & the most useful, (if the facility it affords for acquiring all the others, be justly appretiated), is neither cultivated by the students, nor encouraged by the government.
Holbein's "The Ambassadors" (London National Gallery) depicts two munificently dressed French ambassadors in a palatial room.
AEP and its allies' munificently funded attempt to block the new clean air regulations failed.
My own education, at a private university, was munificently subsidized down to the last penny by the kind of state program that the unions have always supported, thereby rendering the private public.
I pay many large war levies, perform many trierarchies, act munificently as choregos, lend money interest-free to many.
Conflicts like those in Afghanistan, Somalia or the Sudan would probably have cost fewer human lives if the parties involved had not been so munificently equipped with weapons.
I cannot go back, though they tell me many do, Father Charles suggests twelve steps, refers helpless people to helpful people, the road to recovery is paved with rewards, and takes courage, which, fortunately, the Lord will dole out munificently.
Florence in 1478 was munificently governed by the brothers Lorenzo and Giuliano de' Medici.
Eccentric theories that no respectable government agency would ever fund are rewarded munificently by the courts.
I'd like to think he has an ironic sense about that - for instance, when he mocks late capitalism on a stage that has been munificently subsidized by Pepsico.