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AEP and its allies' munificently funded attempt to block the new clean air regulations failed.
I pay many large war levies, perform many trierarchies, act munificently as choregos, lend money interest-free to many.
Conflicts like those in Afghanistan, Somalia or the Sudan would probably have cost fewer human lives if the parties involved had not been so munificently equipped with weapons.
I cannot go back, though they tell me many do, Father Charles suggests twelve steps, refers helpless people to helpful people, the road to recovery is paved with rewards, and takes courage, which, fortunately, the Lord will dole out munificently.
Eccentric theories that no respectable government agency would ever fund are rewarded munificently by the courts.
Happy is the homeowner with a spare chunk of garden upon which the planners have smiled munificently.
Munificently, the Earl of Rutland has made over to the National Gallery, on long-term loan, five of Poussin's first series of The Sacraments: two short of the full seven, since Penance was lost in a fire and Baptism was regrettably sold many years ago.
Hagler, Bailly plucked its munificently compensated consultants from two firms that have played a leading role in the plunder of Russia and Eastern Europe.