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The Princess, offended by his apostasy, drops him for Paul Muniment, just as she had abandoned her previous interests for "rising democracy." Meanwhile, however, Prince Casamassima, on one of his periodic visits to England, has caught wind of the fact that his wife is frittering his money away on revolutionary groups.
One is Rosy Muniment's telling Hyacinth how her father became a coal miner at age ten and how,
Permission to peruse them was given by one of the Canons, Ralph Button, who also suggested to Wood that he might like to examine the muniments in his lodgings in the cloister.
Sayce who looked after the records, `There is unfortunately no published calendar of the contents of our muniment room; indeed there is no calendar of them at all except a very imperfect one in MS compiled more than a hundred years ago.'
Bowers, 'The Lady Chapel Choir of Westminster Abbey', unpublished typescript deposited in Westminster Abbey Muniment Room (1992), and E.
Bills from Oxford goldsmiths, dug out of college muniment rooms, show that most were acting simply as retailers for London firms.
4), via mid-eighteenth century and George IV seat furniture and console tables, to the painted breakfront bookcases (possibly by Adam) in the Muniment Room.
Greg describes them in his edition of the Diary, which was supplemented by Greg's analysis of documents in the Alleyn-Henslowe Muniments. (12) These additional documents confirm Langworth's position within the Henslowe-Alleyn circle and reveal a relationship between Alleyn and Arthur Langworth's son John.
(110) What let the Oldambt farmers down was a lack of actual documentation to prove their autonomy from urban authority--and of course these original manuscripts had been transferred to the city muniments for storage before the floods.
(3) The Hanson clan climbed nowhere near as far, but his book nevertheless survived as part of the Spencer/Stanhope family muniments.
(8) In the corpus of the Linguistic Atlas of Older Scots I found three further instances in legal texts where sail is joined onto happin dating from the years 1459 (Duntreath Muniments), 1490 (Lennox Charters and Letters) and 1498 (Morton Papers).