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animus) est vobis datus, ex hominum vita migrandum est, ne munus humanum adsignatum a deo defugisse videamini .
Just as happens in the biological processes of immune tolerance, which enable organ transplants from other bodies, or, even in pregnancy, which allows the female body to open up to the conception of another life, in similar fashion, the social body's immune systems can reach a turning point that enables it to rebuild the relationship with communitas and with the munus, which the social body carries within as its primal dimension.
Admittedly, only gladiators (monomavcoi) are mentioned in Hadrian's letter to Aphrodisias, but wild beast fighters are specifically attested there in the second or early third century and later, (22) and may well have been a regular component of munera before that date without explicit mention being made of them; Pliny's somewhat patronizing letter to his friend Maximus at Verona, commiserating with the non-delivery of beasts (Africanae) for what he calls a gladiatorium munus in memory of Maximus's wife, makes such a point of stressing Maximus's generosity (tam facilis tam liberalis in edendo fuisti, Epist.
For example, the particularly bloody munus sine missione (a type of combat with no reprieve for the fallen gladiator) was banned under Augustus--surely not because it was cruel, but because it was wasteful.
817 workings Qtz plus or munus hematite veinlets in silicified CLRC-03 14 23 9 28.
In the debate of November 1963 and in the motu proprio Pastorale munus (November 30, 1963), the new guiding principle was to restore to bishops the powers of office that Rome had appropriated in the previous centuries.
15): nu=() an A[NAI PANI 17 SISKUR zurkiyanza dup[g]ahiyag hurdiyag g[ipa]ndanzi ANA UNOT MUNUS.
The 2009 synod, which resulted in the papal exhortation Africae Munus, was noted at the time for its focus less on high theological concepts and more on the concrete realities of the continent, as highlighted by its theme: "The Church in Africa in Service to Reconciliation, Justice, and Peace.
Obscero vero te, pro summo meo erga te cultu & incomparabili obseruantia, ne aliter huc descendere dedigneris, quam vocatus olim ad Elegiacam Amorum meorum coenam conferre te non erubuisti, & meam hanc qualemcunque grati animi declarationem eo vultu suscipias, quo me ad exhibendum huiusmodi munus totiens accendere consuesti.
Semper autem et ubique ei fas sit cum vera libertate fidem praedicare, socialem suam doctrinam docere, munus suum inter homines expedite exercere necnon iudicium morale ferre, etiam de rebus quae ordinem politicum respiciunt, quando personae iura fundamentalia aut animarum salus id exigant, omnia et sola subsidia adhibendo, quae Evangelio et omnium bono secundum temporum et condicionum diversitatem congruant.
On the 27th of April 1883, through the apostolic letter Praecipuum munus, Pope Leon the 13th separated the Apostolic Vicarship of Vallachia of the Nicopolis ad Istrum Bishopry, and the Monseigneur Ignazio Paoli was appointed residential bishop.
Manila: Amigos del Pals, 1881-97), 4:394-403: "Postquam igitur ad altare venture est, Virgo sacra, genibus flexis, divino inflammata Spiritu plusquam seraphim, Filium manibus tenens, ipsum offert Domino munus et oblationem Deo, in hunc modum orans.