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Jones faces special-circumstances allegations of committing more than one murder; lying in wait and murdering Hacker murder during a robbery, to avoid arrest; and lying in wait and killing Willis while committing mayhem.
In an unusual twist Tuesday, jurors interrupted their deliberations on the fate of two men accused of murdering a Hoover High School student to hear new arguments from attorneys.
Jurors in the trial of two men charged with murdering a 17-year-old Hoover High School student announced to the judge Monday morning that they had reached a unanimous decision on one of the six charges, but the judge ordered them to continue deliberating.
Prosecutors said witnesses in this case will likely be called to testify in the upcoming trial of Justin Merriman, another Skinhead Dog member, who is charged with raping and murdering 20-year-old Santa Monica College student Katrina Montgomery in 1992.