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Will Putin, like Stalin, unleash his own great terror, and murderously pursue supposed adversaries?
English humour is from the West Midlands - that almost murderously self deprecating humour that you find here is one of the most attractive qualities of the English.
Starting in Bastogne this time, the peloton will make two ascents of the murderously steep Mur de Huy before finishing at the top of the third ascent of the climb, which peaks at a gradient of 26 per cent around its famous chicane at about two-thirds of the way up.
But most disturbingly, de Wl is intellectually dishonest in speaking about the National Islamic Front/National Congress Party regime, as well as its murderously brutal security forces and the future of the Sudanese economy.
8220;Eloquent is the title, elegant and murderously amusing is this academic mystery.
80), thus murderously but unconditionally proving that the peoples of Africa and Asia who had been controlled by Europeans simply could do no worse in ruling themselves than the Europeans had done in ruling themselves, let alone their colonial possessions.
Maliki has since openly defied some of Tehran's wishes by, among other things, calling for reform in neighboring Syria, where Iranian ally Bashar al-Assad has murderously repressed a popular revolt.
A killer statement so brash, bold and murderously cruel that there was only one fate (or half-drunk whisky bottle) that could fall on Frank's head.
Many Jewish communists realised that they had actually supported a regime which was murderously anti-Semitic rather than philo-Semitic.
Ken was not only murderously fast and fearless in the tackle but possessed a razor-sharp sense of anticipation," remembers Bleddyn Williams, the former Wales rugby great.
Anne Steelyard: The Garden of Emptiness is the conclusion to the pre-World War I adventures of Anne Steelyard, a determined and talented young Englishwoman woman seeking to avoid a destiny of 'socially correct' marriage and to secure a career as an archaeologist working in the Middle East only to be drafted by the British Secret Service and investigate some murderously ill doings of the Germans while seeking a lost and fabled city of antiquity.
These 'giant' reasons are nothing but the murderously reckless attitude of the drivers of heavy vehicles plying on the Sultanate roads, often least bothered about what a moment or more of recklessness can do for others.