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Ken was not only murderously fast and fearless in the tackle but possessed a razor-sharp sense of anticipation," remembers Bleddyn Williams, the former Wales rugby great.
Anne Steelyard: The Garden of Emptiness is the conclusion to the pre-World War I adventures of Anne Steelyard, a determined and talented young Englishwoman woman seeking to avoid a destiny of 'socially correct' marriage and to secure a career as an archaeologist working in the Middle East only to be drafted by the British Secret Service and investigate some murderously ill doings of the Germans while seeking a lost and fabled city of antiquity.
These 'giant' reasons are nothing but the murderously reckless attitude of the drivers of heavy vehicles plying on the Sultanate roads, often least bothered about what a moment or more of recklessness can do for others.
But kings, who also played dominant roles in Christianization, could murderously dispose of relatives as well as enemies.
Murder Mystery Weekend 28 May, 10 Sep & 26 Nov 2011 Here's a murderously good weekend
With special reference to Libya, George Friedman offers a thorough, thoughtful, and skeptical analysis of what he calls "humanitarian wars", undertaken in response to the notion that the international community has a moral responsibility to protect populations being murderously assaulted by their own governments.
The Roommate (15) Another abject suspensefree Single White Female rehash with a doomed cat instead of a puppy as, off her meds Leighton Meester becomes murderously obsessed with her new college roommate.
Perhaps director Bazmee was trying to be hyperimaginative while penning Sush's role -- that of a schizophrenic housewife who charges murderously at hubby (played Anil Kapoor) in a bid to kill him once every day.
Maria Swisher also has fun with Mrs Lovett, the people's piemaker with murderously questionable morals.
Many Jewish communists realized that they had actually supported a regime which was murderously anti-Semitic rather than philo-Semitic.
On opening night (May 2), soprano Mlada Khudoley hurled herself unreservedly into the thick of Strauss's murderously complex score and the orchestra, under Jonathan Darlington, was with her every note of the way.
Many would now regard that verdict as premature, yet it is interesting to note that the turnaround in Iraq involved the emergence of an admittedly unusual external threat--al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI)--that spurred the so-called Anbar Awakening and similar events in which Sunni insurgents shifted to the American side because AQI was so ideologically fanatical and so murderously repressive as to make American forces seem comparatively benign.