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The public can no longer be indifferent to murderousness, nor any longer make use of the army and debase it to make murderousness the norm.
He is driven to put his daughter to death because he interprets her murderousness as a criticism of her husband's masculinity.
It may not make the world a safer place, and it may raise the risk of retaliation, but the lust of Bin Laden's fellow hate-filled thugs to strike against the West and against freedom would hardly be affected by whether the democratic world chooses to defend itself against their murderousness.
This is a novel in which the connecting work of the English mail coach, the divisive work of the Marquis' murderous coach, and the answering murderousness of the revolutionary tumbrels on the French side all carry out Dickens' sentimental allegory of the two political cultures.
Are we also trying to show how the murderousness happened in the first place?
He quietly told me that the play would only work if I gave myself over, completely and totally, to the delusions, madness and murderousness of this man.
Vincent Grey is thus not the only character in the film whose story echoes Oedipal murderousness.
34) The connection between MacSwiney and Sands was evidently copper-fastened in their minds, but as historians they would probably object equally to both individuals, presumably on the basis that their martyrdom is inseparable from their murderousness (as members of the IRA, old and new), that their deaths precipitated yet more suffering and death, but most of all because by their suffering and death they elicited such national and international support for the Irish nationalist version of Irish history.
The big story this festive season involved someone called Tony, who owns the local factory and seems to be a modern-day Mike Baldwin with added murderousness.
The other family members taunt him for this reference to the Wolf Man series, where Larry Talbot also disclaims his own murderousness, blaming it on Bela, the gypsy who made him a werewolf.
rage for goodness so near to vileness and murderousness, Nietzsche and
There is no "let's save the Jews" romanticism in this film; World War II is an extension of humanity's general murderousness.