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Sadly not, as instead we got some load of old gubbins about his department suddenly being entrusted with the Met's entire crime archive, dating back to ye olde days, from which they could draw implausibly handy reference points for all sorts of modern day murderousness.
Upon pondering whether it would be worse to 'live as a monster, or to die as a good man', Daniels gives himself over to be lobotomized, although whether this is in guilty acknowledgement of his claimed murderousness or an expression of defiant self-affirmation in the face of the 'truth' that he has uncovered is unclear.
A series of recent histories of 1945 has focused on the cataclysmic murderousness of the months January-May 1945, during which the German Wehrmacht suffered one-quarter of its total killed during the entire war; more German soldiers died in those four months than during all of 1942 and 1943 combined.
When we get to look back, as we soon shall, on the Assad regime -- and let's get used to the past tense -- we will wonder why that regime was able to subject its citizens to the murderousness and caprice of the inhuman for so long.
How many senior officials in the Syrian regime will defect and accuse the latter of murderousness and terrorism if they can manage to flee with their families across the border - like Prime Minister Riad Hijab did on Monday, and as he declared afterwards?
This malicious tide crested in March 1910, when notary Jacques-Edouard Plamondon addressed a gathering of the Association Catholique de la Jeunesse Canadienne-Francaise in Quebec City and denounced Jews and Judaism, evoking no less than the ancient blood libel as evidence of inherent murderousness on the part of Jews everywhere.
falsehood is that murderousness is a universal human trait and part of
The failure of Western diplomacy to prevent or even substantially mitigate Assad's murderousness testifies to an abdication of American leadership.
Israelis can no longer be indifferent to murderous acts, nor make use of the army and debase it to make murderousness the norm.
Kotkin suggests that Stalin's later vindictive murderousness derived in part from the resentment, self-pity, and sense of victimhood he inherited from a long struggle with the Testament and its meaning.
Yet Hamlet's alliterative conjunction of "bloody" and "bawdy"--reinforced by the subsequent line's rhyme on "treacherous, lecherous" (558)--suggests a deeper source of corruption within Claudius: a bawdiness of the blood responsible for the villainous melding of murderousness and lust in his disposition.
The naked murderousness of US foreign policy, however, is still apparent.