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An esteemed artist of the quai d'Orsay since 1982, de la Mure has captured moments of major upheaval through his lens including the fall of the Berlin Wall, the wars of the Balkans, as well as conflicts in the Middle East and Africa.
Mure was living in a single-room house with his wife, Mwajuma Hamis.
But then, Mure is an eminently surprising musician, bringing nuanced songwriting and a hard to define off-kilter quality to traditional bluegrass, folk and Irish music.
Mure and lawyer Scott Rae found in favour of Rangers.
Sister Mure said: "I worked as a medical assistant in the hospitals in my home town of Moshi ( in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania ( but I really wanted to be a doctor, especially because we do not have enough to go round.
Implementing agency : Spitalul Clinic Judeean De Urgena Trgu Mure
About 2500 people took part in a protest last night in Targu Mures against stopping the work of the lyceum.
Former Chelsea defender Dan Petrescu led Targu Mures to their first major trophy in the Romanian Super Cup, but he quit to join Chinese side Jiangsu Sainty.
J'aime les femmes mures Elles sont succulentes et appetissantes Elles sont epanouies et aimantes Elles sont guerrieres et conquerantes
On 17 April the airline will begin twice weekly services to Vilnius from Milan-Bergamo and on 18 June twice weekly flights between Milan Bergamo and Tirgu Mures will begin.
Tres Mures Caeci is a friendly picturebook retelling of the story of Three Blind Mice.
But Jews from the Romanian town of Targu Mures returned home to face another dreadful fate ...