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In case the bidder opts for consituirea guarantee of participation by bank transfer, it will transfer the equivalent guarantee in one of the accounts -Direction SILVICA Mures (RO1590120, J40 / 450/1991): CDM R023 BRDE 270S V030 4864 2700 - BRD juice Tg .
Sister Mure said: "I worked as a medical assistant in the hospitals in my home town of Moshi ( in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania ( but I really wanted to be a doctor, especially because we do not have enough to go round.
Mure had previously served as Perini's Vice President, Administration through 1999, and has served as an industry consultant for the past several years.
Mure and lawyer Scott Rae found in favour of Rangers.
Mure is presiding over the tax tribunal with accountancy experts Dr Heidi Poon and Scott Rae.
J'aime les femmes mures Elles sont succulentes et appetissantes Elles sont epanouies et aimantes Elles sont guerrieres et conquerantes
When she got back to Glasgow, she contacted other Jewish supporters and they formed the Targu Mures Trust.
On 17 April the airline will begin twice weekly services to Vilnius from Milan-Bergamo and on 18 June twice weekly flights between Milan Bergamo and Tirgu Mures will begin.
Tres Mures Caeci is a friendly picturebook retelling of the story of Three Blind Mice.
Tenders are invited for Providing Personal Service Uniforms Uniform Accessories Forest Service, Forest Personnel, Ds Mures
Wizz Air, a European budget carrier, yesterday announced plans to open its fourth Romanian operating base in Tirgu Mures.
Tenders are invited for Providing Medical Kits and Signposts, Ds Mures