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Srinivasan led ICC had become murkier after ICC shot off a letter to president Jagmohan Dalmiya stating board secretary Anurag Thakur's presence with Gilhotra.
Each of the eight gives a disposition, making the picture murkier and murkier.
After three weeks of cheerily serving up banter-filled black comedy and life-or-death drama side by side, the series unexpectedly jettisoned the laughs and leapt into something altogether darker and murkier without so much as a backwardsglance.
Elsewhere we still have no idea what Finn's stalker is up to, and his motives become even murkier tonight as he places Finn's life in grave danger.
Summary: While residents enjoyed seamless services of the once-banned telephony Skype, the position regarding their legal use after etisalat officially unblocked the app last week got murkier on Tuesday.
To compensate for the low ceiling, Godefroy and Picault used floor lights to reflect off the wall's leather folds, creating bright columns stretching upward, and murkier lines reflecting downward off the bar's black resin floor.
The NRHM scam in Uttar Pradesh has turned murkier with another health official found dead under mysterious circumstances, the fifth victim in the last one-year.
The copyright battle is even murkier for Willis, who is seeking his share of ownership to "Y.
Large fish (over 10 inches) held around 20 feet deep both day and night at clearer Lake Sinai, and about 10 feet deep in murkier Lake Madison.
A THOUGHT-PROVOKING film being screened at the Star and Shadow Cinema in Newcastle next month aims to reveal the murkier side of nuclear energy production.
It is certainly a new low for the world of reality TV, sinking to ever darker, murkier depths than previously thought possible.