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Is it because, under his leadership, the game I love the most seemed forever destined to be played under the murkiest of clouds?
Such poems don't allow the speaker to wade into the murkiest waters, the hardest truths.
Today, the Prince finds himself dragged in to the scandal's murkiest depths after being named in court papers by victim Virginia Roberts as allegedly taking part "in an orgy with numerous other under-aged girls" in Epstein's Caribbean bolthole.
Stanley's committee should be commended for doing what they can to lift the stones and let light shine on some of the Government's murkiest business.
I come down here everyday and the water is the murkiest and dirtiest I've seen it for a long time - it's awful to think someone is in there.
Scurrilous character assassination in the murkiest political undergrowth can, perhaps, be kept out of sight of voters for long enough for the protagonists to achieve their ambitions.
When gauged against the level of scandals in world sport this will surely be ranked as one of athletics's murkiest moments.
Most people find pond dipping fascinating; seeing the range of creatures that live in even the smallest, murkiest waters is great fun and can often lead to an interest into adulthood.
THE LAST month has been the murkiest as far as the Board of Control for Cricket in India ( BCCI) is concerned.
more research into the murkiest and most interesting feature of the
Michael Sheehy, a Worcester-based internal medicine physician with Reliant Medical Group thinks that pain management is "one of the murkiest.