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In this case, the court said, "it is a stretch" to say the Treasury cogently explained its reasoning, but its path "can be 'discerned,' albeit somewhat murkily.
Where The Time Machine's fixation with meat is murkily ambivalent, lavishing attention on the meat in both the Morlocks' and the Traveller's diets, The Island more clearly examines parallel means of turning creatures into meat: a "savage" means (the Beast Folk's hunting) and a "civilized" means (Dr.
Ernie hit a switch, and the pool's round bulb shone murkily underwater.
For instance, it addressed "the risk of incorrectly forecasted ridership with one sentence," murkily noting that "the risk 'would be mitigated by policies that continue to draw people to reside in California and encourage high-speed rail as an alternative mode of transportation.
When Tick saw that she wasn't going to be any fun, he put earphones in, loud music seeping murkily out, and played a complicated tapping game with his own fingers.
The saga of La Fenice in Venice, destroyed by an arson attack in 1996, shows how murkily such waters can swirl, and how deeply wounded a city can be by the loss of a single emblematic building.
Stand close and you feel you can see the water shimmering either in sunlight or murkily in the gloom.
Discovering a vast metropolis murkily mirroring the city above, Roddy hooks up with sewer scavenger Rita to do battle with the villainous Toad.
Charles, for example, shares several shots with Julia as she murkily floats in the distance.
She happens to be the fiancee of Brandon's best pal and brother-in-arms Steve Shriver ("Step Up's" Channing Tatum), a sharpshooter who's a little more devoted to the Army way, which causes more murkily worked-out complications.
13) The lines are stumbling hastily toward sweet because one path of Shakespeare's poetic imagination is twisting murkily toward Bolingbroke's surprised and surprising response to his father's suggestion that he make the best of his banishment ("who can .