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He said: "I think there has been a fair degree of murkiness about that.
"Contractors will want to look carefully at leading indicators during the coming months, as the economic forecast is admittedly shrouded in murkiness," Basu said.
In light of such comments and the murkiness surrounding the recent G20 armistice agreement, investors and businesses should remain cautious.
Before that, different types of temperature records -- and an overall lack of them -- contributed to murkiness about how quickly the oceans were heating up.
They would tell me tales of the mul gwishin (water ghosts) that lurked in the deep pools of Chiak Mountain or in the murkiness of the nearby river.
Yet, the manner in which Shahbaz Sharif has been detained and the murkiness of the allegations against the ex-Punjab chief minister suggest that NAB has launched itself headlong into yet another high-profile inquest without adequate preparation and perhaps even disregard for due process and the principles of justice and transparency.
Ambiguity and murkiness is the name of the game because no one knows what's going on behind those doors.
"The murkiness, camouflage, and subterfuge add intrigue and atmosphere to Warlight, but many of the characters remain hazy, sometimes frustratingly so....With Warlight, Ondaatje gives us another reminder of the long dark shadow cast by war." HELLER MCALPIN
It is possible that as a consequence of the murkiness, the matter is to be deliberated by the Conference Of Rulers.
But this murkiness is exactly the point the book makes: the adaptation of one system of rule by another and the constant tinkering characteristic of indirect local rule in those parts of the empire seen as peripheral--be it the sultanate, the British Empire or the empire on the Nile that is the Republic of Sudan--lead to a certain incoherence.
Ending this legal battle helps clear up some of the murkiness around the company's future without Steve Wynn at its helm.
NCR is doing what we can to shed some light into this murkiness. We'll have a couple more investigations through 2018, so don't let your subscription lapse.