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That murkiness of outlook was largely reflective of what was sometimes seen as an effort to impose Solvency II type regulation on the U.
The Turkish Parliament is where we should be questioning the dangerous murkiness of these policies.
Naroff raised concerns about the murkiness of the Chinese picture.
Well, I say shining, there is a gloomy magnificence and murkiness to this and it looks superb.
LeClair skillfully brings the setting into the mind's eye with wonderfully descriptive detail: "The sky had turned a freshly minted shade of blue, as if the hurricane had wrung any murkiness out of it.
There can now be no murkiness regarding what is happening, and it is easy to see things as they are, including which states or groups or individuals are opposing the international coalition against the Houthis under flimsy pretexts.
In this regard, an endemic IndiaPakistan conflict presently manifests itself in the recurrent LoC crossfires casts' serious murkiness on resumption and prospectus of the Composite Dialogue, peace and regional stability.
The level of murkiness that this magazine's top investigative journalists witnessed while trying to gain access to accurate information confirmed our suspicions that the system in place was designed to accommodate our politicians' revolting dishonesty.
Who is behind all this murkiness, this sabotage, this destabilisation of the world: Bahrain, the GCC, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia are all targeted.
Sure, he gets to wear sunglasses, chomp cigars and fire enormous automatic weapons, but there's a moral murkiness to his character that marks a real departure for the star.
And yet, even though the sun was still at the top of tree height level, a murkiness had enveloped the park and was bathing it in the kind of curious half light that can be more prevalent in June.
This is for me horribly similar to the murkiness that surrounded the mortality statistics for Mid Staffs.