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Unseeing, we spoke to one another through the scent of flowers, through the veil of leaves, through the blades of long grass that stood still before our lips; so great was our prudence, so faint was the murmur of our great longing.
We left, paddling downstream close to the bank; and as we passed by the creek where they were fishing, the great shouting had ceased, but the murmur of voices was loud like the humming of insects flying at noonday.
"Her name was My God, have pity on me!" murmured the executioner; and he fell back on the bed, pale, trembling, and apparently about to die.
"Oh, pardon me, pardon me!" he murmured; "if not in the name of God, at least in your own name; if not as priest, then as son."
"He's going to marry her!" murmured Retty, never taking eyes off Tess.
"I don't know--I don't know," murmured Retty Priddle.
After one of these glances she murmured, "Yes, I'm in love.
John Hirst missed its aim, and hung so long suspended in the air until it was engulfed by a yawn, that it was considered dead, and this gave the signal for stirring of legs and murmurs about sleep.
"Oh, my God, my God!" murmured Kitty, "he has not even waited for the hour he himself named!"
"Oh, have pity -- have pity!" murmured Villefort, wringing his hands.
oh!" murmured he, "there is my weakness seizing me again!
"It is dead," she murmured. "I believe that you hate me now!"