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Emerging portable and handheld devices for instrumental measurement of muscle tone [35] may offer clinically useful alternatives [36-38] to perceptual ratings if their reliability and validity across various muscle sites and populations can be demonstrated.
Acupuncture needles stimulate muscle tone in the face.
Additionally, his arm and leg movements were somewhat jerky due to poor muscle tone and weakness of an unknown origin.
The muscle tone in his right leg and both arms was grade 3; however, he could not move his left leg.
Exercises include throwing and catching (good for upper arms) and jumping with a skipping rope (legs) which builds stamina and muscle tone.
The Luigi technique has not only helped relieve my headaches, but has also improved my breathing, posture, muscle tone, and, most of all, has sparked my creativity.
Regular massage improves posture, muscle tone and flexibility, training your body for labor.
Football is good for your muscle tone and for your heart,'' she says.
Researchers don't have solid proof that good muscle tone will delay arthritis, but they think it will.
In addition to improvements in strength and muscle tone, endurance increases.
In addition to helping you dodge the side effects of antidepressants, regular exercise can increase your self-esteem level through weight loss and improved muscle tone.