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If he was a muscular Christian, it was quite without knowing it.
He knew the power in her lean, muscular arms, the strength in her narrow shoulders.
The owner is obviously a muscular man, left-handed, with an excellent set of teeth, careless in his habits, and with no need to practise economy.
When they contended it was a trick, a trained muscular knack, he challenged them to another test.
His back was bowed up, the very opposite muscular position to that for a spring, while he drew his head more and more down and under his chest in utter abjectness, resting his weight on his elbows and shielding his poor nose with his massive paws, a single stroke of which could have ripped the life of Collins quivering from his body.
I am far from saving that the present rage for exclusively muscular accomplishments must lead inevitably downward to the lowest deep of depravity.
The daughter (the elder of the two children) either from compassion or because women are naturally more enduring, remained in bondage to the poet for several years, till she too seized a chance of escape by throwing herself into the arms, the muscular arms, of the pedestrian Fyne.
For example, Knight Dunlap contends that images are really muscular contractions,* and evidently regards our awareness of muscular contractions as not coming under the head of introspection.
On the contrary, he was one of those rare individuals that radiate muscular grace through the ungraceful man-garments of civilization.
He found that he had a natural aptitude for the more muscular domestic duties, and his energy in this direction enchanted Nutty, who before his advent had had a monopoly of these tasks.
The light that fell upon this slumbering form, showed it in all its muscular and handsome proportions.
And here, Noah nodded his head expressively; and curled up as much of his small red nose as muscular action could collect together, for the occasion.