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Carl Adrian, or Ady, was born with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a rare condition of muscular degeneration affecting mostly male children.
Smoking alone can cause following disorders; Cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, kidney failure, mouth cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer, esophagus cancer, kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, cervical cancer, asthma, muscular degeneration, cataracts, stained teeth and gums, periodontal disease, ulcers, paler skin, lower level of vitamin A and erectile dysfunction.
After a bad fall, he's diagnosed with ALS, which will result in gradual muscular degeneration.
In the native language of Sri Lanka, beriberi means "weakness" and describes a condition of progressive muscular degeneration, heart irregularities and emaciation.
Professor Muntoni initiated his presentation by stressing that improved understanding of the genetic basis and molecular events leading to muscular degeneration in muscular dystrophies, coupled with advances in antisense oligomers, has moved very rapidly in the last decade from the in vitro experiments and in-vivo studies in appropriate animal models to phase I; IIa; IIb and now III.

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