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2001) Can vision compensate for a lower limbs muscular fatigue for controlling posture in humans?
General muscular fatigue, where additional specific fibers have to be recruited due to the reduced power output of other fibers, did not occur.
1970) Muscular fatigue and action potential conduction velocity changes studied with frequency analysis of EMG signals.
Most non-traditional trainers base their exercise programs on a slower, more controlled speed and work each set to momentary muscular fatigue.
Maritime Evacuation, Escape and Rescue Detection of muscular fatigue and overuse injures.
However, just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, a multi-joint movement can create a problem in cases of muscular fatigue.
For the most part, we use maximal weight loads for the prescribed rep range and take the sets to the point of momentary muscular fatigue.
The majority of the exercises to be described here are taken to the point of momentary muscular fatigue (i.
The potential for premature muscular fatigue and failure becomes very viable.
Proper Weight Selection: A weight is selected for every exercise that causes the trainee to reach momentary muscular fatigue - that is, the inability to perform another full-range rep with correct technique.
By training in this fashion, we progressively activate the "fast-twitch" muscle fibers as we approach the point of momentary muscular fatigue.
The intensity of the effort must produce enough muscular fatigue to trigger an adaptive response.