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Higher levels of the drive for muscularity have been associated with lower levels of body satisfaction (Morrison et al.
For physical attributes, participants were first asked to indicate the age of the target and then indicate the attractiveness, muscularity and leanness of the target using a scale from 1 (not at all) to 7 (extremely).
Two other variables--drive for muscularity and body focus--are notable in the development of MD (Grieve, 2007).
Thomas, who possesses speed, power and muscularity, is a good fit for such a philosophy.
This design is inspired by muscularity and understated performance intent, its makers say.
The team even tested whether there was an actual correlation between height, muscularity and risk-seeking behavior in the U.
Fellow club members included Gordon Mudd, a chap known simply as 'Larry the Lump' because of his muscularity, and Bill Boyd - the latter went into partnership with Tom to open a health studio in Stockton in 1964.
Instead its great and frightening strength and muscularity have for many years been utilised by the rural French to haul carts or move heavy weights.
The Goulds played his Piano Trio of 1911 with open-voiced tone, muscularity and forthrightness that allowed the complexities to be heard in full.
Then why shouldn't speech / from one latitude to another, / between us, / appropriate the muscularity of clouds?
The Infiniti design team, led by executive design director Alfonso Albaisa, has explored bolder, sensual sculpting and enhanced muscularity with the Q30 Concept as the brand's design language continues to evolve.