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The AAS are the hormones to which bodybuilders and weightlifters resort more often due to the increase of muscularity and reduction of body fat they produce (Jampel, Murray, Griffiths, & Blashill, 2016).
"This almost always induces a profound body dissatisfaction that results in compensatory efforts to try and increase one's muscularity." Individuals can end up in a dangerous cycle of over-exercising and restricted eating.
Partially underpinning heterosexual males' preference for a muscular body may be the belief that greater muscularity is associated with greater desirability and attractiveness to girls (Pope et al., 2000).
Descriptive statistics were used to report information about media and internet use behaviors, nutritional status scores of body image satisfaction, abnormal eating attitudes and behaviors, drive for muscularity, and self-esteem.
To evaluate the correlates of MD, the most widely used instruments were: Drive for Muscularity Scale (DMS) (31.8%), (22) Muscle Dysmorphic Disorder Inventory (MDDI) (27.3%) (23) and Muscle Dysmorphia Inventory (MDI) (18.2%).
Some authors argue that the pursuit of muscularity component in muscle dysmorphia is parallel to drive for thinness in anorexia because of the similarities of the symptoms and the high attention to diet, as well as the compensatory behavior of excessive exercise (Murray, Rieger, Touyz, & De la Garza, 2010).
The sharp increase in BMI from young to middle-aged adults was not expected considering the differences in body composition (reduction in muscularity and increase in fat).
arms' muscularity; evaluation tool--press-ups (number of repetitions).
The authors also found an association between dissatisfaction with muscularity and low body mass index and common mental disorders.
The smartly subtlety of the lyrics, those chords that shift in odd directions (but which quickly sound right) and the strange muscularity are all present and correct, all so typically Villagers.
Drive for muscularity foi um construto estruturado no contexto da ampliacao da pesquisa em imagem corporal do homem, quando a musculatura--seja sua definicao, volume ou aparencia--passou a ser considerada um aspecto central da imagem corporal do homem.