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Playing to form, Peter Mullan is muscularly hirsute as John Guthrie Bad, the unforgiving Old Testament-style arbiter of inflexible and corrupt behavioural codes; his representation of Guthrie squirming convulsively on the ground in the first throes of a stroke pays full visual testimony to Gibbon's graphic description of his seizure, 'as though a great frog were squattering there in the stour'.
Florence held an immense judgment about the rights of women therefore in her book Suggestions for Thought to Searchers after Religious Truth; she argued muscularly for the elimination of limits that prohibited women from having careers [17].
Ndonye and Nabea (2013) also suggest that media is the new opium for the masses, and likewise, Gataullina (2003) reports that that media is the leading 'althusserian ideological apparatus' that has proved to muscularly control the mind of masses.
The body must be engaged muscularly with sufficient effort to generate the pulmonary pressures required to sustain phonation.
This is not to say Washington hasn't muscularly asserted itself in this region over the years, but rather the United States never asserted sovereignty on the basis of historical claims.
The attentiveness and necessity for cosmetic products by aromatic plant in on upswing it's as muscularly supposed that all goods are secure besides without side effects.
Often pain relief was not available or what was available was given intra muscularly (IM) and took time to take effect.
Set further back from the beach, next to the red brick courtyard at the front of the house, a muscularly constructed open-air pavilion has a fireplace and a full audio-visual setup.
The administrative machineries have to muscularly scotch dissemination of hate literature and hate speech.
Muscularly responding to ideas of space, policing, and anti-sociality, the show will emphasize works in sculpture, installation, video, and photography, and will include a full roster of performances, talks, and screenings.
Because of Tecate's hilly terrain, it was possible to gaze simultaneously at the packed, chaotic Mexican sprawl and, just over this fence thin as a dorsal, at the shaved hills of my homeland, muscularly patrolled by blinding white suvs.
Additional flexibility is therefore well achieved, and the hyperbolic deflection behaviour changes muscularly.