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In a text that muscularly pushes back on so many "standard" views it is curious to see Reed state that dialect "is a mode of self-referential vernacular invention that purports to record language as it is used, from the vantage point of (and for) those who do not use language that way" (69).
"His lips move muscularly, molding words into pleasing shapes, marshalling argument..." (18); this sounds a bit like a line from "Hurrahing in Harvest": "...
On a smaller scale, we face the same conundrum today: what would be the result if President Duterte faced the drug problem less muscularly? Would there be more casualties in the future, from drug overdoses, drug-related crimes, and ruined lives?
"He did that with Messi, who since then was not injured muscularly, and Robert Lewandowski, whom he had put on the bench at one point and made him understand certain things."
"This monetary response, if it is to buttress expectations and confidence, needs I think to be delivered promptly as well as muscularly," he said.
He said, 'This monetary response, if it is to buttress expectations and confidence, needs I think to be delivered promptly as well as muscularly. By promptly I mean next month.'
Although BMI has its limitations when it comes to estimating body fat in athletes and other muscularly built individuals where BMI value is overestimated, high BMI has been identified as a risk factor for certain chronic diseases.
Playing to form, Peter Mullan is muscularly hirsute as John Guthrie Bad, the unforgiving Old Testament-style arbiter of inflexible and corrupt behavioural codes; his representation of Guthrie squirming convulsively on the ground in the first throes of a stroke pays full visual testimony to Gibbon's graphic description of his seizure, 'as though a great frog were squattering there in the stour'.
Florence held an immense judgment about the rights of women therefore in her book Suggestions for Thought to Searchers after Religious Truth; she argued muscularly for the elimination of limits that prohibited women from having careers [17].
Ndonye and Nabea (2013) also suggest that media is the new opium for the masses, and likewise, Gataullina (2003) reports that that media is the leading 'althusserian ideological apparatus' that has proved to muscularly control the mind of masses.
This is not to say Washington hasn't muscularly asserted itself in this region over the years, but rather the United States never asserted sovereignty on the basis of historical claims.
The attentiveness and necessity for cosmetic products by aromatic plant in on upswing it's as muscularly supposed that all goods are secure besides without side effects.