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In the present study, it is supplied by a branch from musculocutaneous nerve.
The recipient nerve of a CC7 nerve root could be a median nerve, radial nerve, musculocutaneous nerve, or triceps brachii nerve.
From a peripheral nerve standpoint, the pain pattern outlined above would suggest involvement of the DSN, long thoracic (lateral thoracic wall), suprascapular (scapular) and radial nerves (posterolateral arm and forearm) and possibly the axillary (posterolateral shoulder) and musculocutaneous nerves (posterolateral forearm).
The block was considered incomplete when any of the segments supplied by median, radial, ulnar, and musculocutaneous nerve not have anesthesia even after 30 min of drug injection.
27) The musculocutaneous nerve is usually separated laterally from the artery, between the short head of the biceps and the coracobrachialis muscle (Fig.
In one specimen of left side, we found that the pronator teres was supplied by musculocutaneous nerve and that nerve was arising 10.
Single, constant-current electrical stimuli (1 ms duration) were delivered to the musculocutaneous nerve over the motor point of BB previously identified according to standard position sites (Digi timer, DS7A, UK, range from 1 to 100mA, fixed durations between 0.
Because only a portion of the musculocutaneous nerve was redirected, function in the bicep-related muscles already served by this nerve was not sacrificed.
This is particularly true in C5-C6 injuries where the musculocutaneous nerve has been compromised.
Sensory blockade, assessed by pinprick with a reduction to 22 [+ or -] 8% of musculocutaneous nerve at 30 minutes after completion of the injection, was considered an effective block based on the pilot study (16 cases).