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Single, constant-current electrical stimuli (1 ms duration) were delivered to the musculocutaneous nerve over the motor point of BB previously identified according to standard position sites (Digi timer, DS7A, UK, range from 1 to 100mA, fixed durations between 0.
12) This transfer restores elbow flexion following loss of the musculocutaneous nerve, a branch of the lateral cord.
Sensory blockade, assessed by pinprick with a reduction to 22 [+ or -] 8% of musculocutaneous nerve at 30 minutes after completion of the injection, was considered an effective block based on the pilot study (16 cases).
The first nerve stimulated is usually the musculocutaneous nerve.
In 62% of the population, the biceps is innervated by a single branch of the musculocutaneous nerve at an average of 130 mm below the tip of the acromion.