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Bishop to Muser, 8 June 1975, Vassar College, and Bishop to MacIver, 4 July 1974, Vassar College.
Muser noted that 7 gigapascals, the pressure at which aluminum instantly deteriorates, was too low to produce that tightly knit network.
For a list of 77 reversal pairs, most of which could be recombined for use in "Resume Muser," see Table 2 of my "HeptCat" article in the February 2003 Word Ways.
On January 7, 2010 Morgan Creek Owners Association was selected as the "Association of the Year" in recognition of the leadership, dedication and teamwork of the board of directors and community manager, Jeannine Muser.
May 8: Widespread reaction: Tony Muser was still managing the Royals?
He's already like a coach on the field for us,'' Royals manager Tony Muser said.
He didn't have much today,'' Kansas City manager Tony Muser said of Suzuki, who hasn't won since April 26.
Politically incorrect: Kansas City Royals manager Tony Muser was in hot water recently for comments he made after his club was swept by the Indians.
We're getting the best talent we possibly can, but there are a lot of projects,'' Royals manager Tony Muser said.
The most recent prediction came from Kansas City manager Tony Muser after his team had played the Angels and Rangers in back-to-back series.
Muser, 51, was hired off the coaching staff of the Chicago Cubs during the 1997 All-Star break to replace the fired Bob Boone and is 100-128, including 69-80 this season.
I don't think Sal (catcher Sal Fasano) and Rapp were in sync early in the ballgame at all,'' Royals manager Tony Muser said.