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Bishop to Frani Blough Muser, 7 July 1973, Vassar College.
In the March 11 Science, Muser and his colleagues describe computer simulations in which they investigated the effects of pressure on clusters of zinc phosphate molecules.
With Tony Muser and I, we're guys that just want to hang out and work with kids.
That, at any rate, is my apologia for "Resume Muser," which in its iterative segments demonstrates the working of a novel (to my knowledge) class of iterative palindromes that consist of a series of duplex terms made from recombined reversal pairs.
Claire knows both Lopes and Garner ``very well'' and has gotten to know Muser.
Umpire Rick Reed informed Padres bench coach Tony Muser before the game when he brought out the lineup card that he would call a balk on Otska if he used his funky delivery with runners on base.
SAN DIEGO PADRES - Named Davey Lopes first base coach, Dave Magadan hitting coach and Tony Muser bench coach.
Some in Kansas City believe Tony Muser is only a few losses away from being No.
Tenders are invited for Blank Dvds-R 47Gb/16X Make Muser Bear, Sony, Sumsung.
San Diego Padres MANAGER: (15) BRUCE BOCHY COACHES: (36) Darren Balsley, pitching; (27) Davey Lopes, first base; (12) Dave Magadan, hitting; (40) Tony Muser, bench, (5) Rob Picciolo, third base; (48) Darrel Akedelds, bullpen NO.