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Seasoned singer-actress Karylle takes the stage as Globalport's muse while TV stars Max Collins from media and Eula Caballero from TV5 are also strutting their stuff as Blackwater and Meralco's muses, in that order.
In the present context, I am adapting it to imply looking into the ways and doings of the muses in a given culture.
While admitting that there are as many kinds of muses as there are individual women, Prose offers generalizations that simply don't hold up.
Individual Muses eventually were assigned to the different arts and sciences, especially in Roman times.
In regards to the recent merger between Nine Muses Entertainment and TX Casting, indicated on a press release dated July 28, 2004, Nine Muses' board has determined after completion of their due diligence, it is not in Nine Muses Entertainment's best interest to proceed with the merger.
In July Cross Street Distribution now known as Nine Muses Entertainment acquired TX Casting.
is pleased to announce their name change from Cross Street Distribution to Nine Muses Entertainment.