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This mushroom cloud is an ugly reminder of what the entire nuclear non-proliferation treaty was designed to protect us from," said Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, an activist who coordinated the Stop Iran Rally.
These trivializing names led Darghouth to create "The Rainbow of Death," a series of seven toxic mushroom clouds painted in cheerful rainbow colors, as well as her take on the American bombs "Fat Man," "Thin Man" and "Little Boy.
Then we were told to turn and face the explosion, and it was then I saw the massive great mushroom cloud forming and these rings coming towards us above the surface of the sea.
You see, a mushroom cloud can occur from other sources as well (not always man-made
The mushroom cloud, Rapid Change, is obvious in its meaning, but there is nothing monumental here.
Michelle Thomas, protesting the planned military test of o bomb, dubbed "Divine Stroke," in southern Utah that will result in o mushroom cloud more than 10,000 feet high and will kick up radioactive debris left over from Cold War nuclear tests (Los Vegas Sun, May 14, 2006)
I thought of that book last week as one oil tank after another exploded in Hemel Hempstead and a black mushroom cloud hung over the South-East.
Despite playing in front of a huge mushroom cloud, there were no signs this excellent band has had its death knell yet.
Charging out of a mushroom cloud the new national security state is off in pursuit of ever more expensive and elegant weaponry, endless enemies, and unbounded markets the world over.
A painting from Murakami's 2001 "Time Bokan" series featuring a cartoonish, stylized mushroom cloud faced an installation that one understood to be ground zero of "Little Boy.
2) New York - A New Yorker views ''Pikadon,'' a collaborative piece by Seitaro Kuroda and Hironobu Yamabe capturing 98 impressions of the mushroom cloud as part of an exhibit in New York called, ''Atomica: Making the Invisible Visible.