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Chapter 2, " 'Her speech is nothing': Mad Speech and the Female Musician," provides new insight into the gendering of early modern musical sound by attending to the correlation between efforts to curtail the "promiscuity" of music and of women's bodies and voices.
The Topp Twins, a noted New Zealand comic and country singing duo, have adopted an American folksy musical sound and spoken accent, harking back to the origins of the most well known version.
Traditional disciplines like architectural history and musicology, long practiced and deeply rooted in the study of their respective objects, are very good at treating the formal properties of buildings and musical sound, but remarkably myopic when it comes to expanding their registers of evidence and interpretation.
Songs such as "Other People" or "Likker Store Music" really seize on the island musical sound and personalize it, giving the songs a sort of unaffected feeling, a sort of honesty that's often lacking in American apings of the Jamaican sound.
The Termenvox, invented by the Russian scientist Lev Termen in 1920, was the first of a number of electro-acoustic instruments to be constructed in Russia, which paved the way for the later development of electronic musical instruments and the exploration of musical sound.
Fouad has been releasing astounding musical sound tracks for more than 10 years for various Arabic TV channels and International artists.
distinguishing musical sound recordings from non-musical recordings.
It was a wonderful musical sound and spectacle and absolutely terrific to be part of the celebrations happening all over the country.
Perhaps the most extensive empirical efforts in music scholarship are to be found in the areas of performance studies and in studies of musical sound.
Aoife, 28, may be singing for a chance to star in a West End version of the musical Sound Of Music - but she is already get ting invited to some exclusive parties.
She describes what we are seeing in real time, speculating on how the car got there; explains that "it's going to be shown in the art fair, in Basel" and what exactly an art fair is; ruminates on whether or not the image is "real" before deciding it is digitally constructed; and even selects a track from a CD as part of a potential musical sound track for the video.
The MagicSensor detects the strength and tempo of each step, touch and tap on the floor, and transforms each movement into a musical sound.